Amazon Novel Writing Contest

Amazon and Penguin publishing productions company have organized a novel writing contest for original, unpublished or self-published, fictional, English language manuscripts of any genre, provided it is not pornography or sexual nature, offensive material or intentions, illegal acts or items, stolen properties or encouragement, items that infringe upon an individual's privacy, hate or hate group targeting, indecent proposals, technical solutions manuals or guides, recopied media material, promotional media for marketing, video games, video promotions, software, movies, TV programs, music or soundtrack, replicas of trademarked or copyright items, or commercial publicity on behalf of a celebrity.


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Writing Contest Description: Registrations and submissions for entry into the contest will be accepted after January 24, 2011 and limited up to 10,000 valid which would then be review by the panel and 2000 will be selected, from which the entries will be narrowed down to the 500 second round finalists and then further reviewed by the judges until three finalist is selected. Penguin judges and editors will then read, review, and evaluate each of the final three to select the finalist for the Penguin Publications award.

Prize: Penguin is providing the prize for this writing contest which is a publishing contract with an initial $15,000 advance payment against future royalties for the Grand Prize Winner. The winner will have to agree to all the terms and conditions of the agreement and must agree to the payment terms of arrangements for the publishing contract.

Amazon Novel Writing Contest

Entry Fees: $0 (no entry/submission fee)

Start Submission Date: January 24th, 2017 (No submissions prior to this date please)

Closing Submission Date: We will accept up to 10,000 entries, one per each contestant. We encourage you to enter as soon as dates for closing dates has been published to avoid missing the registration deadline. Closing dates to be disclosed shortly.

Special Requirements: A cover letter is required to briefly describe title, and a well written explanation of the idea of your novel's concept in 300 words or less and formatted as an executive summary or just a summary in order to describe what the book is about.

Additional Information: See writing contest detailed information on entry requirements and addition description, including writing content FAQ.

Stephanie, Community Staff