About Us

My name is Elizabeth Bailey and I am one of the two founders of WritersViews.com, along with my dear friend and other co-founder Olivia J. Gilder.

Olivia and I went to college together and became very good friends, like sisters really. I can't imagine Olivia not being in my life.

After college we got jobs across the country and moved away from each other. I lived in Fairfax, North Virgina near Washington D.C. and Olivia lived in Portland, Oregon. But we wanted to stay in touch and started using the Internet to share photos and chat online and write about things that we were both very passionate about.

Before too long, we started to develop a simple site to store travel photos, share links and articles and then we added an online chat feature, and the site started to grow.

As we developed this Web site over the years it evolved into a private community where our friends also joined in and it started to become a place for writers and friends posting articles and photos, chatting online, discussing political views, sharing ideas about health and careers, and databasing a repository of important political and job-related documents.

Everything suddenly mushroomed and when some technical Website developers joined our community it became an amazing journey ever since.

When our members started to participage in community management, together we all build an amazing array of community Website interactive tools and features.

Every new member is welcomed by all existing members in the 'New Member Board' area, very often with expression of warmth and genuine friendship. This is what has made our member retention above 97% and has resulted in many local and nationwide Meetups.

Our members take the time to monitor and moderate the content of the community web site without being influenced neither by the 'message' of the post nor by egocentric, dictatorial, authoritarian tendencies.

You and your views/comments are truly respected no matter who is in agreement with you or not and without any need for approval or acceptance of any particular views. And disrespectful comments against you personally is not allowed nor tolerated.

All we ask is respectful comments/discussions, avoiding repetitive posts or profanity. Therefore, together we continue to promote this community for expansion of thought and ideas. And therefore avoid the reasons why so many other online forums/communities fail completely or stop growing.

As the original founders, both Olivia and I are grateful that all of our endeavors are appreciated by our wonderful and supportive members. If you are an existing member, we thank you for being part of our lives. If you are deciding to join us for the first time, we bid you welcome and hope to bring you the real joy of friendship and the warmth of a genuine community and share this wonderful journey, together.

Elizabeth Bailey and Olivia J. Gilder
Community Founders