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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But is it really our eyes that decide on beauty, or is it is our desires?

Apparently, most gentlemen find breasts most sexy about a woman!

I read a delightful article on WritersViews, about what men prefer more on a woman: nice butt or curvy body. I had the, almost, uncontrollable urge to add my opinion to the debate and possibly take it to a completely different angle.

I find nothing on earth as beautiful and sexy as women's breasts. Is there anything more perfect? Is there anything that has quite the same affect on us men? Is there anything you can stare at all day, that can increase your life span?

Sexy Beautiful Breasts on a sexy womanMedical research (who am I to argue with medical people) conducted in Germany (the country that gives us Porche and Mercedes Benz) was published in New England Journal and it was concluded that staring at a woman's breasts for 10 minutes a day would increase the life of a man by 5 years.

The same study suggests that men who stare at women's breasts have lower blood pressure (yes without even spending 1 minute on the treadmill in a sweaty gym), suffer less cardiovascular disease, have lower heart beats (which I guess it's good), and enjoy regular sex with their partner. Ok, I made up the last one myself. That one is not scientifically proven. But I would bet in a Las Vegas casino that it is indeed true.

My sincere and humble request to all women: Please let your man (and other men if you want) stare at your beautiful breasts for at least 10 minutes a day. You are performing an act of kindness. You are bringing joy to the world. You are making the world a happier and a better place. Can you imagine how many wars would be avoided? How many angry men who are stressed and have violent tendencies will be calmer, more relaxed, and happy and smiling?

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Since medical science has proven, without a shadow of a doubt, (at least for me), that sexual desire leads to better blood circulation which results in improvement of health, I think women owe it to humanity to do the kind thing.

According to Dr. Kathy Weatherby, a gerontologist (I have no idea what kind of doctor this is) and author of the study, recommends that men staring at a woman's breasts is a healthy practice and is equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics exercise in the gym.

Perfect breastsFor men looking at breasts simply stirs their senses and makes them feel good. How can you deny a man that pleasure?

I am not suggesting that men should stare at women in a rude way. In fact, I believe if men were respectful and not cocky and without being aggressive, women would let us stare and not object to our little pleasures.

I ask all men, please do not be disrespectful and make sure you do not make women feel uncomfortable.

Hey, if they don't feel threatened and actully feel tantalized, they may let your stare for longer periods and more regularly, like everyday.

Also, they may even give you a treat. So be nice to the lady that is showing you her breasts or her cleavage. She deserves, at least, as much kindness as she is offering you.

The truth about men and breasts are actually simple, and may I add, funny.

Many women in United States (especially California - but other states too) are a little insecure about their breast and are somewhat concerned about their breast size and shape. That is why they resort to augmentation surgeries. Believe me, Men hardly see it as a means of size and shape. They see it more like enticement.

To men it is about the obsession we have about breasts since for us, from our teenage days, we have had an obsession with women's breasts. While it is a source of sexual fantasy and frankly fetish that we have but it is actually more about desire that makes us feel like men.

Psychologists might try to make this some neurotic connection of god know what but it is simply our fascination with a woman's body and serves as a basis of our general attraction to a woman's physical attributes.

Now granted that for some men, it is a serious fetish or an extreme obsession and they can get sexually inspired by looking at pictures with cleavage even in lingerie catalogs and women's magazines.

But for most men it is not complicated. We love looking at a woman's breasts. And, if we are barely seeing the breasts it makes it even more enticing. The less visible (or hidden) it is the more for us, the added excitement of - using our imagination to fill in the blanks.

Regarding the argument whether men prefer breasts or butts? I think gentlemen prefer breasts. But that is my opinion.

Women Can Stop Wars

I myself blame women for all the wars in history. I do. Really. No question about it. When men are frustrated, they get angry and start wars. It has happened again and again. For instance, in the Middle East. Yes, their countries have been screwed over by Europeans (last 2 centuries) and United States (in the last 50 or so years), but you see how they behave now? That is just not acceptable. Middle Eastern men are stressed because they don't get to stare at a woman's breast for 10 minutes a day. For the love of peace, women should let men stare at breasts for at least 10 minutes a day.

Let's stop wars so people don't die, and warmongering NeoCons making money from the war industry have to go get a decent job and work for a living.

And as for women who think men looking at breasts as enjoyment are immature, rude, and insensitive - I think they are wrong. We just like nice breasts. Don't make a big deal out of it. It is just sexual desire. It's not a bad thing or representation of a bad person.

Sexy breastsThink of it as not so much our obsession but more like our appreciation of a woman's body. Let us enjoy something so basic as long as it does not hurt anybody in a serious way.

Now I understand that there are those who believe that men are to be blamed for women wanting a particular size and shape of breasts and for which they undertake augmentation surgeries. But I disagree, respectfully.

I think you would have to ask those women who get breast implants and augmentation surgeries. They do it because they believe it pleases men and they want to please and attract men. To them, I would say, god bless you.

Sexy Breasts on a sexy womanAs to those who suggest that as babies, when boys were breast-fed they accumulated a deep appreciation for a woman's breasts due to memory and instincts reminding them of that child-mother relationship - I would have to say, I don't know. May be it is or may be it is not, who knows and who can ever prove it.

May be we look at breasts because it has a sense of novelty for us. May be we are wondering why we have flat breasts and women have beautiful rounded and enticing breasts.

If a man looks at your breasts and you feel that they are not hearing what you are saying because they are too busy looking at your breasts, then may be it is too much. But if you are talking during a conversation and they are not listening and they appear as if they have no clue what language you are speaking then it would rude. Otherwise love the fact that a man loves appreciating your beautiful body or parts of it.

Staring at a woman's breasts is a major source of sexual arousal because it makes men feel good and relaxed and excited and about to get a treat.

Here's a fact: men are attracted to breasts and think of them as objects of sexual arousal and play and wish to nibble on them.

Here's a few comments my friends have made about women's breasts:

Sexiness"I really like women's breasts. They are nice to look at and it's like taking a break from work or from other stuff I have to do."

"Truth be told, I do stare at breasts when they stand out and are large and are kind of in front of me to stare at. If they are even moderately large I find it difficult to avoid noticing them. It don't mean to stare in a bad way, but I do stare I admit."

"I don't think I stare but I do notice a woman's peaches if it's really nice and she stands out from the crowd."

"I love dreaming about doing the 'motorboat' with a girls breasts when I see a girl with a nice pair at the gym, in a party, at a club or somewhere like that. When a girl is near me and my mind is wondering and imagining the 'motorboat', I feel great. I guess it is an obsession for me."

"If the breast are somewhat exposed or the cleavage is revealing then I just can't avoid seeing em. Who doesn't like to look at a nice pair of 'coconuts'."

"If I am at a bar and there is a lady there standing or sitting and talking to her friends or her husband/boyfriend and her breasts are catching my attention then I look. I try to make sure that if I can, she does not notice me staring. "

All women are sexy"I do stare at women's breasts and I think I do it too much. It relaxes me though and turns me on and I feel good the rest of the day. It's almost like meditation."

"Makes me feel excited and it is sexy. It's a turn on if they are round and large. "

"Magazines and newspapers and movies and generally all the media around us exploit men for advertising by showing them a stunning pair of boobs. Because we like it. Sometimes at work or in a restaurant I may stare and I honestly feel it is not with ill intent and I just enjoy looking at beautifully shaped boobs."

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"Yes, I am a horny guy, I am constantly thinking about women, how to please them, how they can please me, and their breasts. I like medium sized breasts, not too small and not too big, but I accept what I get since beggers can't be choosers. I hate people who are or pretend to be "politically correct" asswipes. I believe in honesty. I say what I feel, I say what I want. If that makes me an evil person, then be warned ... that is who I am. Long live women's breasts."

Men love everything about a woman - we just don't want you to know it"Many times I am in a club and after half a dozen shots, which I think makes me so much more charming and attractive to women, I notice a hot girl and her beautiful tits which I can swear are talking to me and tell me that I am the object of the desire and therefore I decide to walk over with my game face and throw her those one-liners I have heard of from friends who promised that they would work, and I lay it on her. From then on, I really can't hear anything she is saying and all I can think of - sadly - are her nicely shaped breasts pointing right at me. Before too long she thinks I have few screws loose and quickly disappears. But for the rest of the night I dream and fantasize about her lovely jugs. I don't think this makes me a bad person, other than being a man who can't handle his drinks and may be that I am fascinated with women's breasts so much that I can't plan one step ahead of myself. But, I love 'em. Breasts I mean. I can swim in 'em until my fingers are all pruny."

Sexy"I stare at women's breasts because a girl once told me that she hates men that look straight at her and some research studies show that women are twice as likely to contact men on dating sites that have a picture with their face pointing to the sides, rather than directly ahead. So I figure women like me not to stare into their eyes. That's why I stare at their breasts. At least that is my excuse. No, it has never worked for me. Since women don't generally find me attractive just by looking at me across the room."

"I think woman's breasts are incredible and god created them to make us men happy. I love staring at them but I try very hard not to offend anyone. When I do stare at them, and if the girl notices that I am staring, I quickly turn away and she will know that I am not trying to be offensive. Right about then, she actully enjoys it and is proud that she carries the objects of men's desire."

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AUTHOR : Stefano Augis received his degree in Liberal Arts from Louis-le-Grand, a Jesuit college in Paris, and has been a WritersViews.com member since 2011. Stefano Augis can be reached via our Member's Area page, writer ID 19643.

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